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Making unique art to help fascinating people transform their walls so they can express themselves and stand out from the crowd.

Vision Statement

To inspire curiosity and openness around the world through the simple complexity of lines.

Artist Statement

We go about our days, stuck in constant stress without taking a moment of reflection. But life is not only the passing of time. It is the collection of decisions and experiences we have along the way.

I think of my linework as a visual representation of the passing of time. Each line is a moment that has been influenced by past decisions building up and growing into something unexpected. I achieve this during the individual creation of each line. The first line is the calmest, uninfluenced, and pure. From there, each line is formed by the slight deviations of the lines that came before it, slowly morphing into something more complex. The excitement lies in the unknown, each line takes its own unexpected shape.

I want my paintings to give off a sense of calm to those who experience it. To gift a moment to pause and reflect. To help visualize each journey is a collection of experiences that transform as each day goes by.


Janna Moreau is a Denver, Colorado-based artist. She began her signature style of drawing in 2012 by doodling and creating line illustrations over her notebooks during class. Over the years, she has developed lines and organic forms as a means to express herself and interpret the world around her. Janna graduated in 2013 from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelor of arts looking to pursue a career in graphic design. This path led Janna into the Tech industry, where she became a User Experience designer focusing on product and interface design which has helped her develop herself as a visual artist. In 2018 her art practice became an essential part of her life, and she is constantly working her way to make art full time.


Modern In Denver Magazine - October 2020

Quantastic - July 2020

In The Know Creative - May 2020



Westward Gallery - November 2020 - Present - Denver, Co

Industrious HQ Exhibition  - December 2019 - March 2020 - Denver, Co

Conception Art Show, group exhibition - October 2019 - Denver, Co