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Shopify feedback

What was the biggest challenge you faced in creating your store?

- My biggest challenge overall with my shop has been styling pages outside of the home page. I would like the ability to customize inner pages by creating a cool gallery, different columns instead of a blank page with a WYSIWYG. I've tried to edit the theme code but haven't had much luck. I've also wanted to make a few changes to the home page styling and layout but think I might have to change my theme to do that 

What worked really well when using our platform?

- Setting up my shop was a breeze. Originally I had my art portfolio on Wordpress and was so frustrated with all the buggy plugins, then I tried wix but that didn't have enough structure. I switched to Shopify and loved how easy it was to pick a template and add products. 

What could be improved when using our platform?

- I dont really understand the Live Analytics. It always shows that I have one live visitor but I think that its counting me. 

How did this experience help you build empathy for our merchants?

- I can relate to our merchants because I am one, I have this site more as a fun hobby that I built during the pandemic and can understand what people have to go through to create an online shop. I had a lot of questions throughout the process that Shopify does a great job of answering. 

What is your biggest takeaway from this experience?

- This complex process was simplified so that anyone could do it, usually I have to rely on a developer to spin up a site or build out my theme but it was all there.